Teaching Teams

Sunday Morning

7th-8th graders – Lead Teacher: Abram Crozier, Subs: Brandon Stinnett, Tracy Songer, Randy Wright

9th-11th graders – Lead Teachers: Mitchell & Leslie Deaton, Sub: Randy Wright

12th – College-age crew – Leader Teachers: Bob Schneider & Allen Pack, Subs: Nate Wright, Randy Wright

Wednesday Evening

Randy Wright is our lead teacher, click here to discover more about him.


6th-8th grade- Jenni McBride, Michelle Gilbert, Regina Henry

9th-12th grade- Amy Johnson, Paula Zechella, Stephanie White, Shari Hennekes, Lacy Thompson, and Brittany Fornash(intern)


6th-8th grade- Paul Hennekes, Ray Stone, Abram Crozier

9th-12th grade- Bob Schneider, Randy Wright, Nathan Wright, and Eric Dean(intern)


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